Sunday, January 05, 2014

Everything you need to know about Fukushima in 11 minutes

This is scary as all hell and is something that the entire world needs to be worried about. The Fukushima Daichi nuclear disaster is poised to be the worst disaster to hit mankind since the great flood.
Scariest thing I saw in the video, the entire Pacific Ocean may be contaminated in six years. So much for sea food, people.
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Friday, January 03, 2014

Lame Stream Media

Unequal Media
Unequal Media (Photo credit:
There seems to be only three different types of news from big media outlets:
  1. Horrifying Crime
  2. Military Actions
  3. Fluff Pieces
When it comes to crime, the media just can't report enough about it. From the latest mass shooting the high profile criminal cases, they spend hours talking about nothing but crime. And if the crime just happened, expect the next few days to be nothing but expert analysis, theories as to motive, and all sorts of conjecture. And if a suspect is on trial, you can bet they have already been prosecuted in the media. And millions are clued to their televisions just waiting for the next word on the matter.

Wars, more wars, and rumours of wars. From major to minor conflicts, this is another staple of the Big Media diet. I said minor conflicts, but not all of them. If it has little to do with Big Brother's need for resources, you can bet it's not being talked about. Thousands of people dying in backwater countries that no one has ever heard of, yet you are hard pressed to find any info about it in the news.

The all time favorite of mainstream media, fluff pieces. What celebrity is getting a divorce this month, who said something not in line with political correctness, or just who is dating who. Fluff pieces are placed to satisfy the tabloid lovers.

While all this is going on, things are happening that will have a real effect on the world. Bills being passed, treaties being negotiated, impending natural disasters are roiling up. Does lame stream media tell us about it, no! Instead we have to find other sources of news to find out what is really going on in the world.  A sad, sorry, state of affairs if you ask me.

For a list of Alternative Media Sites, please click here.

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